Nude Measurement Guide

Clothing dimensions should be larger than the nude measurements for your comfort. For inners such as T-shirts, a smaller amount of ease is necessary. For outer like jackets, we need more ease to wrap it over all the clothing layers.

You may leave some measurement that is only needed for specific outfits. Make sure you measure carefully and double check with it. It is a good idea to have someone else measure you.

Please keep in mind that you should be wearing normal clothes or undergarments. Jeans and heavy blouses are not recommended while being measured. Lay the tape measure flat against the skin; don't pull it too tight, nor let it droop.

Measurement Details

1. Height
Stand up straight and measure against a wall

2. Leg/in seam length
Stand up and measure the length from the floor to the crotch level

3.Head Circumference
Measure about the forehead, where a cap would fit

4. Neck Circumference
If not buying stretch clothes, use head circumference instead, the garment’s next hole need to fit around the head

5.Chest Circumference
Measure around the chest at the nipple line. Keep it level- be sue not to let the tape measure droop!

6.Waist Circumference
Place tape measure round the natural waistline

7. Hip Circumference
Measure about the seat, or the buttocks- not the belt line

8.Thigh Circumference
Measure at the top of the thigh- where the leg meets the body

9.Calf Circumference
Measure the thickest part of the calf

10.Ankle Circumference
Measured just above the anklebone

11. Shoulder Circumference
Measure at the armpit

12.Bicep Circumference
Measure at the fatter part of the upper arm

13.Wrist Circumference
On the wrist

14. Hand Circumference
Measure about the palm. Just before the thumb meets the hand

15.Arm Length
From the outside corner of the shoulder to the wrist

16.Cross Shoulder
From the corner one shoulder to the other, Should curve over the shoulder, to follow the contour of the back

17. Crotch Circumference
From the belly button the back, just above the tailbone

18. Upper back
From where the next meats the shoulders, to the small of the back. Make sure it curves to match the back

19.Clothing height
From the back of the neck to the floor