Suit Shorts Pattern for Girls


Slim fit T-shirt sewing pattern for girls.
Please refer to the product description below for more details.

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Suit Shorts Pattern for Girls.
Recommend Fabric: Wool/Mole/Denim.
Please choose the suitable interlining for your fabric.

Please choose your pattern size using following table.

One set/size of patterns has 2 versions of PDF files.
The A4 size file is a puzzle version for piecing together after printing as displayed in the sample picture on the left. The other larger size is the complete size, which is too large to print a standard home printer.

1. Please Print by ACTUAL SIZE, which you can choose in the print options.
2. There is a 20cm-long ruler on each page for measuring. Please measure it and make sure it is 20cm-long in your actual print.

Additional information

Pattern Size

70BB, 90BB, 110TDD, 120TDD, 130BY, 140BY, 150BY, 130GL, 140GL, 150GL


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